Publishing activities of the Gallery of Contemporary Fine Arts Nis have been reduced to the dominant publishing of catalogues. Original catalogues have been printed for the vast majority of exhibitions. In the initial four years the catalogues used to be typed having both elongated and narrow format and they were made by the design of Mile Grozdanic in spirit of oparte. Later, during the seventies and eighties, catalogues of different scale (from 6 to 42 pages) were printed in black and white. In the last ten years GCFA Nis has standardized their volume (up to 60 pages for collective exhibitions and up to 30 pages for the solo exhibitions). The catalogue dimensions (32 x 24 cm) were agreed with the publishers.

GCFA Nis has published four monographs. Regarding the celebration of the centenary of the first meeting of artists in Sicevo, the monograph “The Art Colony Sicevo 1905-2005” was written by Ljubica Miljkovic, Milica Todorovic and Radmila Kostic. Revised and expanded edition (the text was written by Sonja Vukasinovic) named “Art Colony Sicevo 1905-1964-2014” was published in 2014. The monograph on the painter Zorica Kostic was published in 2012. Its author is a journalist and writer Slobodan Krstic and it contains the texts done by Zorica’s colleagues, art historians, journalists and friends. The monograph on the sculptor Vasilije Perevalov was published in 2018. In addition to the texts written by Radmila Vlatkovic, Miodrag Andjelkovic and Milica Todorovic, the monograph contains excerpts from previously published views on the exhibitions of the above mentioned artist. All the editions of GCFA Nis, having more than 8 pages, have been catalogued with their CIP catalog record and its publication number (ISBN) obtained from the National Library of Serbia.

In 2006 using the new technical possibilities, intending to speed up its own publishing informative activity, GCFA Nis launched an informative internet magazine featuring visual arts – IIC, which is being published on the website of the Gallery once a month. Initiator, editor and designer of the magazine was M.A. Aleksandar Devic right until his retirement. The magazine contains announcements, press releases and reviews of exhibitions organized by GCFA. It monitors art events in Serbia and abroad, too. It also includes theoretical texts and interviews with artists.

The promotions of certain newly published books were occasionally organized by GCFA Nis as the accompanying manifestations of certain exhibitions. Not only were GCFA Nis issues advertised, but also books “The world of sculpture” by Kosta Bogdanovic, “Svetomir Arsic Basara – sculpture as the fate” by Dr Srdjan Markovic, “History and theory of conceptual art 1968-2007” by Misko Suvakovic, monograph on Mileta Prodanovic “Dwelling in some place, being now, being always” by Lidija Merenik.

Unfortunately, the limited financial support and insufficient staff have influenced the relatively modest publishing and information activities of GCFA Nis. The hope is that the current situation will change and the Gallery is about to prepare a special plan for the development of this segment of its activities.